Leaving Your Cat Alone While You’re Gone

It’s well-known that cats can take care of themselves more than dogs, their independence being a character trait that a new pet owner may benefit from. Regardless of this quality, your cat still needs the proper love, care, and attention that a pet owner should give to ensure their happiness. Below, your Wayne NJ veterinarian discusses helpful information about leaving your cat alone and when are the best times to provide the necessary care as a pet owner.


Reconsider a Pet Facility
If you have a cat, but you also have an extended trip you’re planning to take soon, you have to think about the things your cat will need depending on how long you’ll be gone for. While you may consider a boarding facility, cats are very territorial and can become extremely stressed when taken from their space and left somewhere new for an extended amount of time. There is no familiarity for them to latch onto, making their time at the facility much stressful than you may realize.


A Clean Litterbox is a Happy Litterbox
Cats enjoy a clean space for their bathroom use just like people do! If there’s no one around to clean their litter box, they could easily make a mess around that area – or even around the house – to display that their box needs to be cleaned. If your cat isn’t going in their little box, they may be feeling under the weather, as well, so be sure to bring this attention to us.


Cats Need Attention
Despite cats being known for their fierce independence, they still enjoy their fair share of interaction and attention – especially playtime! Cats can become bored, too, and boredom can lead to some tough scenarios, like damaged furniture or decorations. If you plan on leaving your cat home alone for an extended amount of time, try purchasing some fun and interactive toys that can keep them occupied while you’re gone.


Your Cat May Need a Friend
If you see your cat suffering from being alone for too long – since they can experience loneliness, as well – another furry feline may be the best option. They can be good for each other in multiple ways, especially helping you out if you plan on being away from home for a long time. Just remember, getting another cat is still as much responsibility as your first feline, so be sure you’re capable of caring for the two of them properly!


Looking for more advice on caring for your cat while you’re gone? Give your Wayne NJ veterinarian a call today at (973) 832-7474 and we’ll be happy to help.


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