Flea Treatments for Cats

Fleas are some of the most frustrating parasites, not only for a pet, but for the pet owner, as well. These tiny creatures cause discomfort for your loving, furry family member while infesting your house at the same time. Below, your Wayne NJ veterinarian has helpful tips to keep these nasty fleas away from your loving cat.


Having a Clean Yard

If you have an outdoor cat, they’re at a higher risk for contracting fleas and ticks. One of the most helpful ways of reducing the amount of these parasites is maintaining a clean backyard. If you consistently trim your trees, brushes, and mow your lawn, you’re helping reduce the population of the fleas.


There are also different yard treatments that you can apply with the help of a pest control service, but please make sure that these treatments are safe for all kinds of living things, like pets, birds, fish, and even humans.


Keeping Up with Baths

While it can be a hassle to give your cat a bath, sometimes it’s the easiest solution to remove fleas. Warm water and soap are enough to get rid of fleas and, with the help of a flea comb, your cat can easily be parasite flea without any extra fuss.


Flea Collars, Shampoos, Pills, or Spot Treatment

Make sure you ask us about the best flea treatment for your cat if they’re dealing with fleas. Sometimes, one may be more beneficial than another, depending on how intensive the treatment needs to be. Because there are multiple kinds of treatments, everyone wants to make sure that there are no risks involved in one over another.


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