Tips for Bringing Home a New Dog

Getting a brand-new dog is an exciting time! Whether you’re turning your quiet apartment of one into a livelier living space or you’re adding another furry friend in the mix with the others, you want to make this time special for both you and the new pet. Below, we’ll discuss some helpful tips on how to welcome your new dog into their unfamiliar environment, including what steps to take before they arrive, their first day, and the following weeks.


Before You Bring Your New Dog Home

Before bringing your new dog into your home, you want to make sure that the environment it’ll be spending time with is safe and comforting. Try to determine the space where you think your dog will be in the most; every dog is different, but consciously think about both potential clean-ups and a safe place for the dog to go if they’re nervous or scared. In this space, as well as any other space where your dog could go, make sure you’re proofing the area so there’s no chance of them hurting themselves or damaging something in your home.


Start looking into training techniques that you’ll want to use with your dog. Having a strong, but repetitive vocabulary that you’ll be utilizing with them with help them learn as they grow. If you’re not sure what kind of commands to use, don’t be afraid to ask us some of the most successful phrases!


The Big Day

Think about how stressful it is to move from one home to another – now think about how it feels for a dog! They’ll certainly be stressed as they enter their new, yet unfamiliar home, so give your dog time to explore and acclimate to the area before overwhelming them with other strangers. While it’s exciting for everyone to meet your brand new furry friend, let them get used to who’s going to be around the most – you!


When they arrive at your house, take them immediately to the place where they’re allowed to relieve themselves, whether it’s in your backyard or on some training pads. They’ll be able to sniff and explore the area and, when they relieve themselves in the proper area without being reprimanded, they’ll know that they’re doing the right thing. Of course, accidents can and most likely will happen, but try to keep your pet in that area for a majority of a time so they become familiar and associate that area with relieving themselves.


Creating a schedule for you and your pet is helpful for the both of you! This includes feeding, toileting, and playtime or exercise. While it’s tough to ignore a pet when they’re whining and crying for attention, try to get them used to the idea of them being by themselves with no one around for the future. You can also reward them for their good behavior if they’re quietly resting or keeping themselves occupied with their own toys.


And All of the Days After

Maintaining a consistent schedule with your pet will make them feel more comfortable as the weeks go on. In the beginning, it can be very tough to tell how your dog is feeling about their new home but give them the time they need to adjust. Soon enough, you’ll be able to get a better idea of who your dog is and their shining and loving personality.


Of course, in between your regular schedule, don’t forget to bring your dog to us! Getting them used to visiting the veterinarian can be difficult and is different for every dog, but we want to make sure that your furry friend is healthy and happy in their new home just as much as you do.


Have any questions about adoption, training, or are ready to schedule an appointment for your new pet? Give our Riverdale office a call today at (973) 835–3733 and we’ll be happy to help!


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