Holiday Decorations for Your Pets to Avoid

The holidays are in full swing with Christmas right around the corner and we want your time with family and friends to be special! Having group dinners and off-the-wall decorations are some of the best parts of the season, but we want to make sure that your pets are having a wonderful time, too. One of the more prevalent tips to point out are the decorations and how they may affect your furry family members. Below, we’ll dive into what kind of decorations could harm your pets and the ways you can keep your house festive, but safe.


Oh, Christmas Tree!
This prominent Christmas decoration is found in almost every household who celebrates this holiday. Your tree is littered with color bulbs, shimmering lights, and glittery tinsel – all of which can be a danger of your dogs or cats. If the tree is knocked over or if an ornament is broken, your pets could potentially injure themselves by stepping on or even eating something!


While it may be difficult, we advise that you try not to leave your pet alone in the same room as the tree. Supervise how your pet acts around the tree and be sure that they aren’t fussing with it to ensure their safety.


Edible Ornaments
If your children have made ornaments during school out of macaroni, it’s impossible to not add it to the tree! If you’ve just bought a box of candy canes, hanging them from your tree branches adds more color and uniqueness! Unfortunately, if there’s one thing we know your pets love, it’s food. If your pets attempt to indulge in these items, they could get quite sick, whether it’s all that sugar or any kinds of glue or smaller decorations on the homemade ornament.


When adding these to the tree, make sure to put them out of reach of your pets. If you have sneaky cats who like to hide in your tree, try to outsmart them by putting them in an area that they’ll have difficulty getting a hold of.


String Lights
While these are a staple for your decorations, they can also be extremely dangerous. If there’s one thing that all pet owners know, it’s that if their cat or dog can reach something, they’ll most likely starting chewing on it! There are countless stories of cords and wires being broken due to a pet getting too close.


If your pet chews on these wires, there’s a chance that it will result in an electrical shock. Be mindful of where the string lights are being placed on the tree – try to avoid any low areas or attempt to push the lights further into the tree so your pet is unable to grab them as they hang.


If you’re looking for more tips to keep your house pet-friendly during the holidays, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Animal Care Center of North Jersey! Call our Riverdale office today at (973) 835-3733 or our Wayne office at (973) 832-7474 to speak to our front desk and we’ll be happy to help.


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