Bad Holiday Leftovers for Pets

Those famous family holiday meals are right around the corner and while you’re certainly excited, your pets might be even more excited! They always love to scoop up any accidentally food droppings, no matter what they are. While the holidays are a wonderful, but busy time, we want to make sure you’re being careful about the foods that your dogs may gain access to. Below, we’ve listed some dietary tips that may be too dangerous for your pet to handle.


Too Much of a Good Thing can be a Bad Thing
Leftovers are some of our favorite things, especially after a big holiday bash. While you may feel inclined to share some with your dog, their stomach may not react as pleasantly as yours does. If you keep your dog on a strict diet of their specific type of dog food, their reaction to a variety of new human foods could negatively affect their overall health.


Be Very Aware of Your Dog’s Diet and Tell Everyone Else to be Aware, Too
You may have someone over at your holiday dinner that always gives their dog ham at home, so they assume that your dog would love some ham, but you remember the last time you gave your dog ham and how upset his stomach was afterward. All dogs are different, so make sure that your friends and family know that your dog shouldn’t be eating certain types of food. Their digestive system can be extremely sensitive, so be aware of your dog’s surroundings and if anyone is trying to feed them something they shouldn’t be eating.


Avoid Onions, Garlic, and the Like
Ingredients like scallions, garlic, and onions are extremely popular in holiday meals, whether it’s just the seasoning or the real thing. Regardless, keep your dog far away from them! Even a small portion of them can cause organ damage. While you may not see or smell these ingredients, there may be some in foods like stuffing, so be very careful of the holiday meals you want to share with your dog.


We want you, your family and friends to have a wonderful holiday season! Just be careful of what your furry family member may be getting into. Some suggestions would be to create a small and appropriately portioned meal for your pet or keep them in a part of the house that they can’t reach the food so they’re not at risk of eating something that could harm them.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for your pet before your holiday schedule gets hectic, give Animal Care Center of North Jersey a call at one of our two locations today: reach our Riverdale office at (973) 835–3733 or call our Wayne office at (973) 832-7474.


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